Membership information

Membership categories

Membership categories are defined as follows:

  1. Full Member - a voting member who falls in one of these two categories:
    • Professionally Active Midwife - a midwife working full or part-time in any professional setting such as clinical practice, research, education, government, and others; or
    • Professionally Inactive Midwife - a midwife on a short or long-term leave, or permanently retired.
  2. Associate Member - a non-voting member who falls in one of these categories:
    • Student Midwife - a student enrolled in a midwifery education program or Indigenous midwifery education pathway;
    • Supportive Member - a member of the public who wishes to support the mission and vision of PEIMA, and is not a midwife or a midwifery student;
    • Honorary Member - a person who has given outstanding services to PEIMA and/or to midwifery in nominated to the Board and approved by the voting membership.

Membership fees

To maintain PEIMA membership, all fees are payable annually before January 1 of each year for the coming calendar year.

Full membership
Professionally Active Midwife
  • CAM membership
  • Professional liability insurance (HIROC)
Professionally Inactive Midwife $30
Associate membership
Student Midwife
Includes CAM membership
Supportive Member $30
Honorary Member $0
Add CAM membership
For membership categories that do not automatically include CAM membership (Professionally Inactive Midwife, Supportive Member, Honorary Member); includes the Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice three times per year $110

To apply for membership, please fill out and submit the Membership Application Form. You will receive the instructions for payment from the Treasurer after your application is reviewed and approved.